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We’re Hank’s Carpet Cleaning, your local professional wood floor cleaning & buffing service provider in Argyle. All your furniture cleaning needs can be found here. As a professional wood floor cleaning company, our techs take care of all your cleaning needs and offer a wide range of services that include wood floor refinishing, plank floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, and a host of other professional cleaning services. Our expert team in Argyle is available to provide the best cleaning experience to keep your wood floors fresh and hygienic.

Wood Floor Cleaning Argyle TX

The cleaning methods of our local experts are proven to deliver top-notch results and our cleaning process will help you maintain a healthy and clean home. We use a modern cleaning solution to extract dirt, grime and bacteria from deep within your floors. It's a method that has proven to keep your wood floors looking beautiful for years.

Say goodbye to dirty and dusty wood floors with our top-notch cleaning & buffing services. You won't find a better team of professionals in Argyle to handle your floor cleaning needs.

You might need clarification on what needs to be cleaned or serviced, so give us a call or text us to explain the issue, and we’ll help determine exactly what you need.

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Hank's Carpet Cleaning

Meet The Owner

Hank's Carpet Cleaning, established in 2022 by Chase Turner, embodies a father's vision to impart invaluable lessons of business, service, and responsibility to his son, Hank. Driven by a desire to instill these core values, Chase embarked on the journey of nurturing a small business, leaving a lasting legacy of excellence and integrity.


Today, after successfully completing hundreds of cleanings, we stand proud of what we’ve built. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction remains at the forefront of everything we do.

Our Vision

We bring expertise, reliability and a personalized approach to every job. From residential to commercial and industrial buildings, we are here to freshen up your space. Experience the difference with Hank's Carpet Cleaning and trust us to deliver exceptional service that exceeds your expectations.


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